Make free PC-to-PC calls on Yahoo Messenger and enjoy free voicemail


Communication has been better and clearer with the system of video calling and voice calling. The long distance is no more long enough. People can reach over the other parts of the world via phones and mobiles. Yahoo has brought some exciting features in their service by which people can now make calls via their PC, laptop or tablets. More important is the fact that for making such calls users do not need to pay any extra money. The PC-to-PC calls are absolutely free. The users just need to have a yahoo messenger account. Also they should make sure that whomever they are contacting have the same.


You can save a lot of money by avoiding the STD or ISD bills of your mobile by making a call to your friends and relatives via Yahoo messenger call Contact number for Yahoo facility. You just need to have the apps in your computer and a headphone and microphone with it. Also for video calling it’s obvious that you need a web cam with it. If your friend and relatives do not have messenger installed or if their PCs operating system does not support one, then yahoo comes to help you via its Yahoo Voice phone out account. You just need to select the name of the person from your contact list and make a call. There’s no more fuss in it neither any hidden cost is attached with the system. But if you want to make a call to any regular mobile phone from Yahoo messenger then you will be charged a little bit.


Often it happens that when you make a call to your pals they are either unavailable or not signed in, same can happen with them also. Yahoo has solution for this problem as well. Whenever the person you are trying to contact is unavailable or signed out you can leave a voice message for them. Yahoo will deliver them your message via a mail which you will have to provide. Team yahoo offers a high quality digitalis video calling and sharing facility. You can share pictures, videos and messages with yahoo messenger. PC-to-PC voice calls and text messages are absolutely free of any charges. If you are using a laptop or tablet then you need not install an extra webcam, microphone or headset. These are usually built in features of any laptop or tab. Only if you are using PC you will have to attach these to access your free voice calling. For resolve Email errors click here get no call our Toll free number for Yahoo and get best of best services.

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