Constantly verify phone number when logging into Yahoo mail


                                                           “I wanted to check my Yahoo mail so I tried to log in but                                                                  this is keep asking me to verify phone number, which                                                                      is not mine. I’m wondering; what should I do now?”

Yahoo accounts are secure with a world-class security system and the security has been increased due to the past mass hacking of Yahoo account. This is a great move from Yahoo to keep privacy of Yahoo user safe.


You can keep your Yahoo account secure with a password in the basic security feature. Additionally, you can use 2-step verification or Yahoo Account Key security on your Yahoo account. This will reduce the chances of any unauthorized access of your Yahoo mail account.


When signing into my Yahoo mail account, I’m being asked to verify a phone number that I did not provide but didn’t allow to get into my Yahoo account.

This message occurs constantly.”


This is very common error while using your Yahoo account on a certain browser. You don’t need to be worried as primarily there is no issue with your Yahoo account. The problem is with your internet browser. You can easily fix it by resetting the “sign in” cookie.

This can be fix in just two steps, see how to do so. call Yahoo customer service for account recovery and technical solution.

  1. First step is the go to the Sign-in page and then click on Sign in as a different user
  2. In the last step, you need to enter your Yahoo ID and Password and then click on Sign in button

This will help you most of the cases. When you don’t find any solution with this method; you can try these steps. This is because of some cookies issue with your internet browser. Once, you will fix it by clearing the caches and cookies history; you can access your Yahoo account easily.

  • First thing, you should do is clear your browser’s cookies
  • And then close and re-open your browser once again, after that try signing in again
  • In some cases, when people are facing problem while signing directly into a Yahoo Mail or a different product page they can try signing into the primary Yahoo login page to get the access
  • You can try a different supported browser with the same steps as given earlier

When you still find any solution with it, you can take help from Yahoo customer support team. Yahoo account users can call Contact number for Yahoo team of Yahoo 24 X 7 for any help.


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