How to prevent yahoo mail account hacked?


“Do you think that no one knows your Yahoo mail account password except you?

Is it?

Not really true.”

The Yahoo mail account is protected by a password. All Yahoo users think that their Yahoo account is password protected so no one can steal their information and personal data.

It’s a myth.!!

Your Yahoo account is a potential target for hackers, if you think that a simple password can protect it. This is really interesting that when a user is careless about security of a Yahoo account then it can be easily hacked.

After the massive hacking of Yahoo account, they introduced a new security feature. This is to keep their users’ faith in Yahoo as well to prevent accounts to get hacked. If you are a Yahoo account user and want to know the ways to keep your account safe and secure, use this guide for preventing Yahoo mail account from hacking. Here you will learn the best ways to increase your account’s security. Yahoo contact number for perfect Guidance.

Use Two-Step Verification

This is a wonderful feature of Yahoo account security. Now you are the one who knows the activity with your Yahoo account. When you activate this feature with your Yahoo account; you can access your account after confirming the password and this security alert. Once you enable this feature from your Yahoo account; you will get a security code on your registered mobile number or you need to answer a security question; this will avoid any an authorized access of your Yahoo account.

Use Yahoo Account Key to Sign in

Yahoo invented another level of security with it. You can easily activate this feature in your Yahoo account. This feature allows you to skip using a password to sign in; instead you will get a sign in permission notification. Once you will allow this security; Yahoo will send you a notification for signing in attempt with your Yahoo account on your choice of mobile; if you approve it, then can get the access, else not. This is really difficult to hack as the approval is limited to your personal device.

Use a strong password and keep changing it

Your Yahoo account password should be a difficult one. You should avoid any simple combination of date of birth, name, vehicle number and such similar information. You should use a difficult combination of letter, numbers and special characters.

And this is also recommended to keep it changing in a certain period of time to avoid and information leak. You also need to avoid sharing your Yahoo password. When you find it difficult to use these security features; you can call Yahoo customer support and service team on their toll-free number for instant help.

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