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How to prevent yahoo mail account hacked?


“Do you think that no one knows your Yahoo mail account password except you?

Is it?

Not really true.”

The Yahoo mail account is protected by a password. All Yahoo users think that their Yahoo account is password protected so no one can steal their information and personal data.

It’s a myth.!!

Your Yahoo account is a potential target for hackers, if you think that a simple password can protect it. This is really interesting that when a user is careless about security of a Yahoo account then it can be easily hacked.

After the massive hacking of Yahoo account, they introduced a new security feature. This is to keep their users’ faith in Yahoo as well to prevent accounts to get hacked. If you are a Yahoo account user and want to know the ways to keep your account safe and secure, use this guide for preventing Yahoo mail account from hacking. Here you will learn the best ways to increase your account’s security. Yahoo contact number for perfect Guidance.

Use Two-Step Verification

This is a wonderful feature of Yahoo account security. Now you are the one who knows the activity with your Yahoo account. When you activate this feature with your Yahoo account; you can access your account after confirming the password and this security alert. Once you enable this feature from your Yahoo account; you will get a security code on your registered mobile number or you need to answer a security question; this will avoid any an authorized access of your Yahoo account.

Use Yahoo Account Key to Sign in

Yahoo invented another level of security with it. You can easily activate this feature in your Yahoo account. This feature allows you to skip using a password to sign in; instead you will get a sign in permission notification. Once you will allow this security; Yahoo will send you a notification for signing in attempt with your Yahoo account on your choice of mobile; if you approve it, then can get the access, else not. This is really difficult to hack as the approval is limited to your personal device.

Use a strong password and keep changing it

Your Yahoo account password should be a difficult one. You should avoid any simple combination of date of birth, name, vehicle number and such similar information. You should use a difficult combination of letter, numbers and special characters.

And this is also recommended to keep it changing in a certain period of time to avoid and information leak. You also need to avoid sharing your Yahoo password. When you find it difficult to use these security features; you can call Yahoo customer support and service team on their toll-free number for instant help.

Constantly verify phone number when logging into Yahoo mail


                                                           “I wanted to check my Yahoo mail so I tried to log in but                                                                  this is keep asking me to verify phone number, which                                                                      is not mine. I’m wondering; what should I do now?”

Yahoo accounts are secure with a world-class security system and the security has been increased due to the past mass hacking of Yahoo account. This is a great move from Yahoo to keep privacy of Yahoo user safe.


You can keep your Yahoo account secure with a password in the basic security feature. Additionally, you can use 2-step verification or Yahoo Account Key security on your Yahoo account. This will reduce the chances of any unauthorized access of your Yahoo mail account.


When signing into my Yahoo mail account, I’m being asked to verify a phone number that I did not provide but didn’t allow to get into my Yahoo account.

This message occurs constantly.”


This is very common error while using your Yahoo account on a certain browser. You don’t need to be worried as primarily there is no issue with your Yahoo account. The problem is with your internet browser. You can easily fix it by resetting the “sign in” cookie.

This can be fix in just two steps, see how to do so. call Yahoo customer service for account recovery and technical solution.

  1. First step is the go to the Sign-in page and then click on Sign in as a different user
  2. In the last step, you need to enter your Yahoo ID and Password and then click on Sign in button

This will help you most of the cases. When you don’t find any solution with this method; you can try these steps. This is because of some cookies issue with your internet browser. Once, you will fix it by clearing the caches and cookies history; you can access your Yahoo account easily.

  • First thing, you should do is clear your browser’s cookies
  • And then close and re-open your browser once again, after that try signing in again
  • In some cases, when people are facing problem while signing directly into a Yahoo Mail or a different product page they can try signing into the primary Yahoo login page to get the access
  • You can try a different supported browser with the same steps as given earlier

When you still find any solution with it, you can take help from Yahoo customer support team. Yahoo account users can call Contact number for Yahoo team of Yahoo 24 X 7 for any help.


Resolve Yahoo mail down issues as customer face various login issues.


Are you facing widespread outage for Yahoo mail services? Do you find many paid support for your Yahoo mail? Yahoo mail is a free webmail services which is utilized by a large number of people in the world. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that you are unable to have the access to any of the services of your Yahoo mail. Even, you are unable to login to your Yahoo mail account. There might be many reasons due to which your Yahoo mail may be running down. It might be that somebody would have hacked your Yahoo mail account or Yahoo mail may not be configured properly with your email applications.


Anyway, reason can be anything, but you need to be full attentive when you are looking for a reliable solution point. Many scammers keep their eye on your email account so that they can have your confidential data. So, you need to be alert for fake Yahoo support. Yahoo services never ask for charge for any services, so beware of it. If your email is running down, you may follow the fixes shown in this post. Let’s try the below solutions procedures:


Fix problem with DNS

A Domain Name System help in the identification of IP address with the words so that it can be easily remembered as a website phone book. Yahoo contact number for Yahoo user any type of error contact us this toll-free number

Here, just clear local DNS cache to have surety that you are grasping the most recent ISP cache. If you have Windows then just follow the steps as Start > Command > Prompt > Type “ipconfig or flushdns and hit enter key. If you are able to have access to website with 3G network, you can use DNS service other than ISP.


Browse for the issues

First, refresh your site by pressing CTRL + F5 together with the browser you are using. You can utilize alternative URLS like or After, this you need to clear all temporary cookies, cache and history from your browser so that you can have the latest updates



Apart from these solution procedures, you can also go through the tips to keep your Yahoo mail away from down. However, if you need more help you can approach Yahoo technical experts through their toll-free number. With toll-free number, you are directly going to have support directly going to have Customer Service from Yahoo experts. So, just dial this number and get rid of the entire Yahoo down mail issues.

Grab the Instant solution Now with Yahoo Daily knowledgeable Updates.


Yahoo since a long time has created such a significant place with users that no other email services have been able to detach user with it. Yahoo amazing and mind-blowing features have really made users manage their complete email communication in an appropriate way. There are many users who have great affection with their Yahoo account and due to this they always want to keep themselves updated with complete Yahoo technology so that they could have complete benefits of their Yahoo account in a brilliant way.

However, many users really feel it too difficult to manage their email in an accurate way due to which they become unable to find perfect assistance for Yahoo email. But, it’s not so difficult nowadays, because there are many points which are available today to provide you regular knowledgeable updates and services for complete Yahoo email. And, approaching these solution points is too simple, as you only need to dial a toll-free number. This toll-free number is Yahoo Contact Number/Email Security Help which has been provided by Yahoo technical support company. These technical support companies are actually a third party and independent service providers.

These third party service providers have a large team of well trained and advanced technical experts who all have been harshly trained for complete Yahoo technologies. These all experts are well certified and experienced, so they can help you in an excellent way to resolve any kind of issues with Yahoo. You can be benefitted in a great way by acquiring their services. So, let’s see how you can be benefitted with these service providers:

Help that you can have for your Yahoo mail account:

  • Free analysis and resolution for complete Yahoo issues.
  • Perfect guidelines for complete Yahoo issues.
  • Ready to find help at any hour.
  • Resolution cost is one time and reasonable.
  • Provide regular updates for Yahoo through a message, email, and call.
  • You become aware of the complete Yahoo issues.
  • Modify the settings of your Yahoo mail account to have complete advantages of your Yahoo account.
  • You can easily get done all of the stuff that you feel tricky.
  • Create and configure Yahoo password.
  • Recover your deleted Yahoo mail account.

These are only a glimpse of Yahoo services; you can find more wide services just by dialing a Yahoo Customer Service Support Number. So, just dial a Yahoo toll-free number and get everything that you need to keep your Yahoo account trouble-free.

Yahoo Password not working contact Yahoo customer service team.


The user name and password that a user sets, while creating an online account, serve as the lock to their account. The combinations of this crucial and critical information are nothing but the online identity of a customer. In the digital world, a customer is known or identified by his or her user id. It is only with the help of the user name that various online shopping sites grasp the shopping behavior and the payment appetite of a person. This makes the password (set to the account) even more crucial because a leakage of the password to the external world would expose the entire online identity of a person.

Currently in this digital world, many a customer opens several accounts to take advantage of various online services like online shopping, online education, online banking and many more and to keep a track of all the online transactions, these online accounts are linked to the primary email account so that the customer can view a summarized display of his transactions. Thus, it is extremely important for a user to have a fully functional and a robust email account. Yahoo ensures that all its customers have an enriching experience by instating the Contact number for Yahoo 24×7 team. The team consists of carefully recruited and extremely energetic and enthusiastic professionals who are easily approachable and provide reliable, pocket friendly and easy to implement solution for problems faced by customers.

In case of a password recovery request, the client request is intercepted by the Yahoo Customer Support team. The team deciphers the message and then routes the request to the Yahoo Customer service phone number 24×7 team. The team first checks whether the user requesting for the password is the actual owner of the account or not. The executive may ask the user some of the personal information related to the account or the key to the hint question which was set by the user while creating his or her account. Only when the customer care executive is completely assured of the identity of the person, he shares a verification code with the user using which he can unlock his account. However, the user is requested to change his password in the first occurrence of log in.

Apart from the user misplacing the password, there are times when the password gets expired. A password has a prescribed usage time which is decided by Yahoo as per the security guidelines. In case a user does not change his or her password, or the account is dormant for long period of time, the password automatically gets reset. The user has to contact the customer support for such issues.

Yahoo Contact Number for solve Yahoo account Problems Instantly.


The email usability and security from the virus and unwanted spammed mail is very important. The above are some of the issues that a company needs to consider. However, there are many other issues that need to be addressed. According to security experts, most of the theft and security breaches happen from inside and not from the outside of the company. Employees have access to your confidential customer database, salary information, and other very sensitive data. They also have access to all the confidential emails that are meant for internal employees just. We have seen during the time that many confidential emails are “leaked out” by employees and are passed all over the internet. So for the secured data transfer and error free management of electronic mail you can contact at the Yahoo Helpline Number.

Where is your email server located?

What access do employees have to the system? What sort of redundancy/failover systems are in place? Where are the failover systems? Are they in the same location as your production email servers or are they at an offsite disaster recovery site? Because email is a day in and day out critical application, the same planning needs to be made as any other business critical application. On the off chance that it is hosted, what physical security has your hosted provider added? What SLA (service level agreement) guarantees are they promising? What about Network security – how well is your network protected? Encrypted network? Next, who is managing your email server? What number of people has access to the administrator user id? It is recommended that two people have access to the administrator use rid. The administrator who will manage your email when there is a disaster, the solution is the tech support. If you want to get any help just call at contact number for Yahoo. After that now you have a designated person who is responsible for making sure that email is running at all times.

The secure software platform

When we access your mail id the pc or laptop software need to be secured which not tampered the email security and firewall system. However, software security is easily available if you call customer service for Yahoo and ask for the individual services. These supports also available at 25X7 and if needed telephonic and face to face support will be provided in some of the particular case. The use of technical assistance for email protection is the most authenticate and secure way to handle your personal details.

Solve Failed Sending & Receiving Yahoo Mail Issues with Yahoo Customer Service Team


Many small businesses have a person employed that holds a vocation capacity or title that is non-IT related yet that still is required to handle all network issues because they ‘know a considerable measure about computers’. This may seem like a cost savings measure, yet oftentimes it actually leads to more downtime for the organization. When this is the case, the staff member needs to take away part of their day (or week, or month) in what they would normally be involved into take care of another issue. This time is compounded when the staff member needs to research how to alter any particular issue, thus causing even more downtime for all the other employees that need to access the computer network and causing timely manner and the staff member can Yahoo Password Recovery to their regular capacity.

Known issues and solutions for other businesses help benefit other business’ issues

You can benefit from the experiences of many other small businesses and even figure out some of the technologies that your competitors are using. While MSP’s certainly won’t share data and they’ll protect the data of all your business by possibly automating a process that would normally take you or your staff considerably more time to complete. Hardware can be monitored for potential issues that can be acted on before it causes any downtime for an organization. At many small businesses, it is a typical occurrence for a problem to arise on a user’s computer so call at forgot password for Yahoo.

Any security threats can be acted on before an issue arises

Along with services that are provided, often there is monitoring that is included with support. The MSP will install secure software on one or more of your network devices and that software can screen all of your anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, etc. Contact number for Yahoo software and inform them or anyone you choose at your location with a report of any potential security issues and along with a recommended course of action to take to rapidly resolve the issue. Maybe they have a virus, or their hard drive is failing, however these issues often go unreported because the user doesn’t want to get in bad position thinking that they may get blamed for something turning out badly. While a user could certainly cause problems on company owned computers, it is not typically the fault of the user, rather a failure of hardware or some other anomaly that may be causing performance problems. Regardless, with MSP monitoring, you or any of your staff can be alerted to these types of problems so that they can be resolved.

Easy and Quick Solutions to resolve Yahoo technical support Issues instantly


The smart business owner who stays alert to new technology is discovering MSPs can deliver the same level if not better IT support than an in-house IT person at a much lower cost. For example in the markets a small business should expect to budget for an on location IT person annual salary, benefits and training. That is excluding the additional cost to get vendors and consultants to assist with any forthcoming projects, the on location person may not have the skill set to handle all alone, It is a monumental task however not so for capital to manufacture its own particular Yahoo Technical Support IT department, just the cost of software, servers, computers, printers, networking equipment, and IP phones can provide the quality customer service.

User training

Regular upgrades of hardware and software is the life cycle of operating a business and if not done routinely an organization stands to lose up to 50% of the cost of the in-house method. Most MSP offer a fixed price plan that includes software upgrades as well as replacing the hardware that it runs on. Small business is embracing the manage Contact number for Yahoo provider model because they also the potentials that the manage services provider offer, it can help develop their business and reduce energy waste, while protecting the earth’s environment. Here is what to generally expect structure a MSP moving IT over to the cloud for a small business. This are not to be interpreted as an order of procedures in moving ones company to distributed computing. The MSP will want to do an analysis. This requires an astute site survey, reviewing phone and internet access bills and other records of expenses that have incurred in earlier purchases.

THE latest operating system on work stations

Interview the users, this is a great time to correct any short falls that the old IT plan may have had. Move all company data, application email; call Customer Service for Yahoo etc… Normally this is done on the time when business is closed, evenings or weekends. Coordinating with the internet providers and telephone companies for any changes needed with the services they provide to you. The phones and internet access will likely now run however the MSP data center and be added to your one single month to month bill. Setup IP phones, voicemail, email integration, Video surveillance, printers and paging. Arrangement on contacting for service support and a clear understanding on the service response time l which will usually be approx. 30 minutes response time after you place a service call.

Make free PC-to-PC calls on Yahoo Messenger and enjoy free voicemail


Communication has been better and clearer with the system of video calling and voice calling. The long distance is no more long enough. People can reach over the other parts of the world via phones and mobiles. Yahoo has brought some exciting features in their service by which people can now make calls via their PC, laptop or tablets. More important is the fact that for making such calls users do not need to pay any extra money. The PC-to-PC calls are absolutely free. The users just need to have a yahoo messenger account. Also they should make sure that whomever they are contacting have the same.


You can save a lot of money by avoiding the STD or ISD bills of your mobile by making a call to your friends and relatives via Yahoo messenger call Contact number for Yahoo facility. You just need to have the apps in your computer and a headphone and microphone with it. Also for video calling it’s obvious that you need a web cam with it. If your friend and relatives do not have messenger installed or if their PCs operating system does not support one, then yahoo comes to help you via its Yahoo Voice phone out account. You just need to select the name of the person from your contact list and make a call. There’s no more fuss in it neither any hidden cost is attached with the system. But if you want to make a call to any regular mobile phone from Yahoo messenger then you will be charged a little bit.


Often it happens that when you make a call to your pals they are either unavailable or not signed in, same can happen with them also. Yahoo has solution for this problem as well. Whenever the person you are trying to contact is unavailable or signed out you can leave a voice message for them. Yahoo will deliver them your message via a mail which you will have to provide. Team yahoo offers a high quality digitalis video calling and sharing facility. You can share pictures, videos and messages with yahoo messenger. PC-to-PC voice calls and text messages are absolutely free of any charges. If you are using a laptop or tablet then you need not install an extra webcam, microphone or headset. These are usually built in features of any laptop or tab. Only if you are using PC you will have to attach these to access your free voice calling. For resolve Email errors click here get no call our Toll free number for Yahoo and get best of best services.

How to fix POP3 and IMAP settings for Yahoo Mail


Why does your yahoo mail account not allow you to send any messages? Everything on your yahoo account appears to be functioning well. You click the compose button and start composing an email. You complete it without any difficulties. Also, you add the recipients without any troubles. But unfortunately, when you click the ‘Send’ button, you see an error message – sending failed, or error sending the message. What is wrong with the yahoo mail account? Well, usually the sending and receiving email issues occur due to some problems with the POP3 and IMAP. And, if you are not well familiar with how to deal with this issue, you should immediately contact the Yahoo customer service executive and get the immediate support and solutions.

Troubleshooting the POP3 and IMAP issues

Have you ever troubleshot any yahoo mail issues? If yes, you are, to some extent, familiar with how the troubleshooting methods work. You may have never troubleshot this particular issue of POP3 and IMAP, but you can do it if you make a sincere effort. You can find the troubleshooting link for POP3 and IMAP on the yahoo help page or on the yahoo discussion forum. Following the instruction and guidance, you can troubleshoot this issue. However, it is better to access the Forgot Password for Yahoo executives if you find it difficult or complex.

Saving time and energy

In their effort to troubleshoot the POP3 and IMAP issues, many of the yahoo users waste much of their time and energy. It is good to learn using the troubleshooting method, but this can be done only when you have ample of time. The yahoo technical support executives are always at your closest disposal, and you can access their support at any moment of time. So, it is a wise idea to dial the Yahoo technical support and get the instant support and solution for POP3 and IMAP issues form the yahoo experts. Accessing the yahoo experts can help you save a lot of time and energy.

Instant support and solution for POP3 and IMAP issues

One of the salient features of the yahoo technical experts is that they provide you the instant support and solution. So, if you are facing any issues with POP3 and IMAP, you can immediately dial the Contact Number for Yahoo and get the instant support from the experts. The yahoo professional have the ability to quickly solve all the yahoo mail issues, and they will certainly not leave you in the lurch.