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Yahoo Password not working contact Yahoo customer service team.


The user name and password that a user sets, while creating an online account, serve as the lock to their account. The combinations of this crucial and critical information are nothing but the online identity of a customer. In the digital world, a customer is known or identified by his or her user id. It is only with the help of the user name that various online shopping sites grasp the shopping behavior and the payment appetite of a person. This makes the password (set to the account) even more crucial because a leakage of the password to the external world would expose the entire online identity of a person.

Currently in this digital world, many a customer opens several accounts to take advantage of various online services like online shopping, online education, online banking and many more and to keep a track of all the online transactions, these online accounts are linked to the primary email account so that the customer can view a summarized display of his transactions. Thus, it is extremely important for a user to have a fully functional and a robust email account. Yahoo ensures that all its customers have an enriching experience by instating the Contact number for Yahoo 24×7 team. The team consists of carefully recruited and extremely energetic and enthusiastic professionals who are easily approachable and provide reliable, pocket friendly and easy to implement solution for problems faced by customers.

In case of a password recovery request, the client request is intercepted by the Yahoo Customer Support team. The team deciphers the message and then routes the request to the Yahoo Customer service phone number 24×7 team. The team first checks whether the user requesting for the password is the actual owner of the account or not. The executive may ask the user some of the personal information related to the account or the key to the hint question which was set by the user while creating his or her account. Only when the customer care executive is completely assured of the identity of the person, he shares a verification code with the user using which he can unlock his account. However, the user is requested to change his password in the first occurrence of log in.

Apart from the user misplacing the password, there are times when the password gets expired. A password has a prescribed usage time which is decided by Yahoo as per the security guidelines. In case a user does not change his or her password, or the account is dormant for long period of time, the password automatically gets reset. The user has to contact the customer support for such issues.