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Losing out on password is such a common theft now-a-days that on average thousands of users are getting the victim to such issues. Everyday there are numerous attacks on yahoo accounts and so many query forms are submitted linked to yahoo mail forgot password though how secure it may be and supports three tier architecture. There are so many tools available in the market that trace out the packets in the http protocol and extract out the username and password. Wire shark is one such tool that converts encrypted data into raw form.

How to prevent password thefts

Yahoo has come out with numerous methods to prevent password thefts for instance techniques like single sign on i.e. signing on with a single email account, captcha, biometric authentication and a set of varied security questions. Now a day’s two way authentication technique is also being implemented where even if the hacker knows your username password still he can't hack your account because of random code generation that is only notified via cell.

How to protect your yahoo account

  • Yahoo password reset- Reset your yahoo password at regular intervals preferably after two weeks to prevent forging and spoofing. Also in case of serious issues yahoo mail forgot password link can be followed
  • Antivirus - Scan your system regularly for avoiding key loggers and password managers to keep a track of your passwords.
  • Avoid disclosing your passwords to anyone for avoiding security breach
  • Avoid phishing attacks by entering your credentials in an unverified site. All authentic websites are verified by verisign and symbolized by a lock symbol at the corner. So the authenticity of the page can be checked out by the verisign green symbol.

Besides, this yahoo also offers technical support services for yahoo mail forgot password and password resetting. You just need to follow the following steps in order to recover your account.

  • Contact the yahoo customer care or technical support number which is toll-free in nature and does not charge any sort of charges for availing any sort of help.
  • The technician provides the step by step assistance to sort out the problem. A technical support engineer has administrative rights to look out into the records for a particular user and search the relative databases.
  • Technical support also helps you to reset your yahoo password that can be changed at a later date. Proper credentialed is maintained and the things are not leaked to a third person. All the calls are well recorded.

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